cart ×  Online Platform provides solutions to the needs of dynamic airlines air-ticket, hotels booking, transfers and charters, tours, leisure and entertainment and other extra services by bringing internet technology and the tourism industry together for our customers and business partners around the world.

In an offline, we offer a range of FIT & Group bookings, tours, transfers, flight tickets, packages and many other extra services for our agents. The services we provide are specifically designed to the needs of guests, customers and people around the world. 

Among those are:

1. Hotel Booking.

2. Air-Tickets.

3. Transfers.

4. Charters Services.

5. Honey Moon.

6. Health Tourism.

7. Student abroad Services.

8. Businessmen Services

9. Visa

10. Travel Insurance

11. Tours and Sightseeing Services

12. Professional Guides speaking Arabic, English, Russian and other  languages

13. Technical Support team working 24/7